KR Productions is now Twisted Pixels Photography

 I must say Ryan, some outstanding work this past weekend. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. Your pictures have only one word.....WOW!

 The way I see it, anyone can take a picture but it takes someone with special talent to make that picture a work of art. Some might say your a good photographer, but I say your an incredible artist.

 If your looking for someone who has the ability to turn the human body into a work of breathtaking art using only his skills and a camera, you need to check out my buddy's page Ryan Prod and Twisted pixels photography. This man is absolutely amazing with a camera and his work is very inspiring. The models are pretty hot too.

 For those that are interested, I don't know Ryan Prod personally, but after having viewed his work for the past couple years, I would say he takes some of the best photos in the midwest and really knows how to get the shot. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to do a shoot.

thank you Ryan  I definitely wanted you to know how much I love working with you! and lets definitely raise that bar  

Ryan your the best!!! And your awesome to take pikzz with I had a blast can't wait tell next time !!!! 

I love talking with this guy hope I can make it back home soon to do some more photo shoots with him I must say he is the best! 

 I was honored to have the opportunity to be photographed as a true tattoo model with Ryan Kr Prod yesterday. What an awesome adventure, can't wait to see the finished shots!!

 Are you an aspiring model? Do you want to take a seductive photo as a present for your significant other? Want to gain confidence through film? Have you always had a mental image of a photograph you want to be in? Need head shots? Well I have the man for you! He is amazing to work with and has the ability to make anyone feel super comfortable with themselves. I highly, highly recommend working with him. He not only guides you through the shoot, but he will let you look at your film which not many photographers will do. He is brilliant! Check out his Facebook and website.

 For those of you out there who are looking to get photos done by amazing and comfortable professionals inbox me and ill refer you to the best photographers Ive ever met!!!! These pics are by Ryan Kr Prod, a spectacular photographer. when shooting with Ryan you will have the time of your life! He's comforting, fun and the finished product is amazing! 

 WOW  its so amazing how many photographers I have right now asking me to do photo shoots with them, its a dream come true, and with out Ryan Kr Prod giving me the amazing shoots we have done together I wouldnt have this many people asking me to shoot with them, your photos are amazing and Im so glad I have been able to work with you, with out you I wouldnt be where I am today, and I am so thankful to you  I can not wait to keep shooting with you