KR Productions is now Twisted Pixels Photography

All photos used with the permission of Amanda Peterson from June 3rd 2012
and are copyrighted by Ryan Hartsock of KR Productions/Twisted Pixels Photography

        One of the things I hear the most about these shots of Mandy are that I need to learn how to edit.  She was an amazing woman and believed in true beauty over the abilities of whoever could do the best at photoshop. Her request was that I didn't photoshop her images, all of which she selected, and I will never do so. She believed she was beautiful the way she was and I wholeheartedly agree. Those of you that feel the need to say otherwise should just keep your thoughts to yourself. I'm honored to have worked with her and to have had her as a friend. Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by to see her photos. :)

Due to the large amount of traffic to these pics of Amanda Peterson at the news of her passing, this page is getting overloaded and isn't loading. I am setting up a folder on my facebook where people can see the pics and comment their condolences. Please keep it respectful thank you.

News Media, I appreciate all the phone calls and emails asking for permission to use my images. Her photos are not for sale and never will be please don't ask, I gave my word to her. To save some time for all involved please feel free to use them as long as they arent altered in any way. I am willing to also send a dropbox link if you are needing hi res. If you would also link back to the address listed below so people can leave comments I would appreciate it. Thank you

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